About Me ūü™°

Ever since a pretty spontaneous (I won't get into that) encounter with cross-stitching back in 2008, my life took on a new palette of colors and threads. Yes, it's been a while since I first picked up that needle, a journey marked by countless stitches and moments of pure creation, and, admittedly, frusturation.

With years turning into cherished memories, I've woven this passion of mine into every aspect of my life, from designing unique patterns that found their home on Etsy, and then in people's homes, to pouring my heart into books that aim to share this love of cross stitching far and wide.

Driven by the joy and fulfillment these little x's bring me, I decided it was time to curate my very own collection‚ÄĒa bundle that has¬†all the¬†patterns I've created and for a price that anyone can afford. It's more than just a hobby for me; and I want anyone to be able to enjoy it.

This 'About Me' section isn't just an introduction. It's an invitation to you, to join me in celebrating the art of cross-stitching, to find joy in the simplicity of a needle and thread, and perhaps, to stitch a part of your story alongside mine.