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The Cross Stitch Dream Bundle: 100+ Patterns With Symbols & DMC List

The Cross Stitch Dream Bundle: 100+ Patterns With Symbols & DMC List

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Unlock endless creativity with Kajavoo's cross stitch dream bundle. Get access to over 100 meticulously curated patterns! This bundle is valued at more than $400. With designs ranging from captivating animals and trendy memes to artistic masterpieces, we promise not just variety and endless fun but a gateway to mastering the art of cross stitching.

Whether you're just beginning your cross stitch journey or you're an experienced stitcher looking to expand your repertoire, this bundle caters to all skill levels. The patterns are crafted to ensure clarity and ease, making each stitching session enjoyable and rewarding.

Here's what the Kajavoo Dream Bundle includes:

  • Over 100 Cross Stitch Patterns: A treasure trove of more than 100 diverse patterns awaits you, each offering a unique stitching experience.
  • Everything You Need: Digital mockup, pattern in symbols and color, DMC list, black and white compatibility.
  • Patterns for Every Mood: Animals, memes, art, and much more.
  • High-Quality PDFs: Every pattern is delivered in a clear, high-quality PDF format.
  • Beginner & Advanced Friendly: Regardless of your skill level, these patterns are straightforward and enjoyable to follow.
  • Commercial Rights Included: The bundle comes with full commercial rights, allowing you to create and sell products as much as you want.
  • Free New Patterns: Special additional content will be sent to you for free.

Embrace your passion for cross stitching and elevate your skills with Kajavoo's Ultimate Collection. It's not just a bundle of patterns; it's the start of countless hours of enjoyment and the potential for a flourishing creative business;

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As soon as you complete the purchase you'll instant access to a Dropbox with everything.

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Due to the nature of digital products, there are no retruns or refunds.

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